Sunday, 20 May 2018

Zombicide Wulfsburg Zombie Wolfz and Wolfbomination

I have just finished painting up the Zombie Wolfz and Wolfbomination from the Zombicide Black Plague Expansion Wulfsburg. 

This was a pretty quick and rushed paint job.  Basically I base coated, drybrushed, quick shaded then picked out a few details and finished.

I figured this paint job is worthy of models that most likely get taken off the table as quickly as they are placed on the table.

I need to paint the 4 survivors for this expansion and will do them soon and then the expansion is 100% painted.

Thanks for looking... stay tuned.
Zombie Wolfz and the Wolfbomination 


The Zombie Wolfz

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Haus Balkenkreuz ready for Action

I finally got around to finishing Haus Balkenkreuz for 15mm Fantasy.  These miniatures are from Ral Partha and are part of their Demonworld Range.

I used tiny Balkenkreuz Decals for their shields. 

These guys will be used in a variety of games from Dungeon Crawls to something secret I am working on muhaha.

I plan on doing a few more 15mm Fantasy Warbands

15mm fantasy miniatures Empire
Haus Balkenkreuz.  15mm Empire Miniatures by Ral Partha Demonworld Range

15mm Fantasy Command
You must point to things if you are in Command.  The Command team.

Spears or Pikeman

Ranged Support

Ranked up they look great

Their Shields with their Balkenkreuz displayed.

Haus Balkenkreuz Takes on a Giant 28mm Skeleton

Monday, 7 May 2018

First Six 95th Rifles

Finally a post for some historical stuff!

I have been slowly chipping away at my Waterloo Project and have just recently finished the first six 95th Riflemen from Brigade Games.  These are excellent sculpts by the talented Paul Hicks and have recently been released from Brigade Games.

I have used some variations in the green uniforms using Vallejo Black Green, Gunship Green, a combination of both and adding some black into the mix.  I highly doubt early 19th Century Soldiers had the chance to replace their uniforms, let alone wash them.

They are based on my own designed 3D printed bases and are magnatised. 

Brigade Games 95th Rifles
28mm Miniatures - 95th Rifles by Brigade Games

28mm 95th Rifles
Riflemen Take Aim

95th Riflemen Miniatures
I wanted some variation in their uniforms

Brigade Games Napoleonic Miniatures
Different shades of green

Sharpe Approved!

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

I have finished painting my Witch and Apprentice for Frostgrave.  These would have to be my two favorite models in the Frostgrave Range.  I can't wait to try these guys out with their unique set of spells.

The models are based on metal washes and I use a variety of basing products including, Wilder Snow Effects, Games Workshop Valhallan Blizzard and Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow.

I decided just to copy the paint scheme that is used officially by Frostgrave as it looks awesome, especially the face paint.  I really enjoyed painting these two miniatures.

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
Painted Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
The Apprentice 

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
The Witch

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

Monday, 30 April 2018

Two Year Anniversary

Two years and still going strong!

Lets look at my one year anniversary post here

Now lets compare those stats:

First Year

Miniatures Painted: About 200 (Doesn't include board game minis)
Vehicles Painted: About 20
Terrain Made: Tonnes! Will start adding this to the blog soon!

Page Views: Over 6100+
Followers: 8
Posts: 26
Comments: 59
Most Popular Traffic Source: Facebook
Most Interesting Traffic Source: A porn site about cuckolding! WTF!
Country Viewing the most: Australia
Most Popular OS: Windows followed by Android (Yay!)
Most Popular Google Search for the page: bolt action polish army (double yay!)
Historical Evidence Found Supporting Left handed Panzerfaust Operators: 0

OK now lets look at the last 12 months:

Second Year

Miniatures Painted: Maybe around 500+
Vehicles Painted: About 15ish
Terrain Made: Too much to count - especially the 3D Printed Stuff

Page Views: Over 26000+ (20000 additional views)
Followers: 30 (24 followers have joined)
Posts: 97 (thats 61 additional posts!)
Comments: 222 (4 times what I had in the first 12 months)
Most Popular Post:  Sd. Kfz. 13 Adler and Blitzkrieg German Pak 36 (Featured in the Warlord Games Newsletter)
Most Popular Traffic Source: Google 
Most Interesting Traffic Source: Google Spain and France
Country Viewing the most: USA then Ireland most interestingly 
Most Popular OS: Windows followed by Mac (Boo Mac!)
Most Popular Google Search for the page: 3D Printed Terrain (Pretty Cool)
Historical Evidence Found Supporting Left handed Panzerfaust Operators: 0

So its been a massive year for me!  One thing I would really like to improve on is my Followers.  I have peeked at 30 for quite some time now.  I think blogging has died off a little especially with twitter and facebook.  My twitter is actually growing very fast and I am over 200 followers now and no doubt it will continue to grow.

I am glad my blog pops up in Google Searches, that is something I have worked hard on.  For example type "28mm Polish Miniatures" into google and click images, lots of my stuff features so I am proud of that.

I am also smashing my 2018 hobby goals that I posted here .  One thing I would like to do is more WW2 content.


I have some massive projects on the go that are secret at the moment.  I want to do a big reveal on them when I put a decent dent into them... not even my twitter followers know about them!

Thanks to all for following my Blog.


Zombicide Black Plague Core Box Set Complete

I have finally finished painting the Zombicide Black Plague Core set from the CMON Kickstarter.  I'm rather pleased with how this turned out and I have used the painted figures now twice in group games and I have received a lot of praise from the people that I have played the game with.  I am rather chuffed about this positive feedback. 

In total there is 71 painted figures.  I think everyone will agree that playing with painted figures is a much more pleasant and creates a more atmospheric experience!

Zombicide Black Plague Survivors Painted
Zombicide Black Plague Core Survivors Painted

Zombicide Black Plague Survivors Painted
Zombicide Black Plague Core Survivors Painted Rear View
The whole box set painted up!

Excuse the Poor lighting but there was a storm on and real life lightning helped
create the mood

I think you will agree that painted miniatures look far better than hordes of grey plastic

Now that this is complete... I must get started on all the Kickstarter bonuses!

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Frozen Zombies by Mantic Games

The latest 20 Figures I have painted are some Zombies by Mantic Games.  These have been themed for Frostgrave and anything else in a Frozen Wintery setting.  These models are great and scale really nicely with Frostgrave miniatures.  I have some plans for these lads which I am keeping under wraps at the moment.

I did a fairly quick job to get them ready for the table.  I plan on killing lots of these guys so I didn't want to go too over the top with fancy details.

I really love the derpiness about these guys.  Zombies should be made to look like they are suffering and these Zombies do exactly that.

Mantic Games Zombies
Blue Zombie skin to show they have been frozen for many years

Painted Mantic Zombies
Far right has taken his own head off

Zombies for Frostgrave
I love the guy second from the left

Frostgrave Zombies
Legs and a spine, the safest of all the Zombies

Winter Zombies
Someone fell apart when he crawled out of the frozen tundra

Winter Zombies
Ranked up these chaps look great!